MINECRAFT – Ep.3 Survival – “La calma después de la tempestad!!..”

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1. Get down from the floating island. ✓
2. Build a 3 story house.
4. Make 64 glass planes for the house.
5. Make EVERY type of farm.
6. Find the hidden treasure.
7. Mine 6 diamonds.
8. Make a Mob Trap.
9. Make a enchanting table.
10. Make a nether portal.
14. Use a fishing rod to pull a ghast towards you and than slay it with your sword.
15. Make a brewing stand.
16. Make 5 instant healing potions.
17. Make a poison potion.
18. Kill a ghast using 1 or more splash poison potion.
19. Make 1 gold bar using gold nuggets.
20. Get a Bucket ‘O’ Milk and keep it till the end.
21. Make 64 arrows.
22. Make a farm for each animal.
23. Make a barn.
24. Get a green music disk.
25. Make a tree house. 26. Build Stone Brick Walls around the Island.
27. Make 5 giant Brown mushrroms.
28. make 5 giant Red mushrooms.
29. Make a forest.
30. Create a giant Bucket ‘O’ Milk !

Canal Principal: http://www.youtube.com/user/Willyrex
twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/WillyrexPs3
Canal de Richar: http://www.youtube.com/user/richar1979BetaCode

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